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Most people (including me) tell his/her friends how to be good to others, behave goodly, say right things at right times, and lots of other things. And sometimes people say the same to you. That’s when you don’t like it. You tend to think “Who is he to tell me what to do or what not to do!”. But when you say the same to others then you feel proud and be like normal. But most people don’t understand is that, when you tell anyone to not be like that but be like that, he/she may not like as you do when someone tells you.

Have you told this? YES!

You might have told this to several people in your life, you can’t even recall it. Because it has now become your habit. You tell, you forget. But they hear you, but not forget. That’s the human mentality. And when this happens, there is always a chance to loose a good friend. And you don’t want that to happen, do you? So here comes Manav to the rescue! 🙂

Why do we say like this?

We say this because we don’t like a particular habit of that person and we don’t want him/her to continue this. And at the same time you don’t really wanna stop talking to that person because you love him. So the human mind says that you have to tell him/her to stop. That is the human brain working!

How to get rid of this?

Many people ask me this when I tell them about it. So you don’t wanna hurt that particular friend of yours Here’s your way out of this! Just don’t tell him anything! Yes, you don’t have to tell him anything! You see, every human in this world know the best they can do. The thing is they don’t do it! But once, they realize this is bad, they’ll stop doing that. So what you gotta do is, just sit back and let him/her do anything he/she wants! Your work is just to go on with the conversation. And you’ll see that you’ve become more comfortable with that person! This had worked for me and many of my friends, and now it’s gonna work for you!

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Photo credits: Friends talking by rebelot on Flickr