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Now this happens to all who are so addicted to internet (or I should say facebook). As I am! But you would notice a few students who study well b’cause they have nothing to do in home… And then they come to school and tell us that we don’t know anything. What they think of themselves?!

They come and behave like they know everything. And that’s not all, they would ask us random questions which are outside of the syllabus, and when we’ll say “I don’t know.” Then they’ll laugh at us and will say “You don’t know such a simple thing?” and we’ll be like “What the…” And they’ll go on laughing. But you know who’s good? WE!

We don’t ask them what does PHP stand for, or what does BTW mean, or what does IMAO mean… And I bet that they’ll not be able to answer the simple one… They also don’t know how to make that simple “smiling” smiley – 🙂

But, as we know we study better than them and we know we are cool! WE LOVE OURSELVES!! So cheer up guys! We stand for each other!!

*My Shortest Post Ever*


Photo credits: Laugh at Someone by nicole marie