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This, we can say is the sequel of the world famous The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. But if you are a teen and you read The Secret, you may not have understood how to use it in your life. I can say this because when I read it, I had the same problem (I am a teen too!). But whatever was the case, it made a difference in my life.

The Secret to Teen Power is however not written by Rhonda Byrne, but the producer of its movie Paul Harrington.

The Review

This book has a number of topics related to us (teens); like – The Secret to Relationships, The Secret to Life (My favorite!) etc. The law of attraction has been taught in this book in a little bit deeper manner than The Secret itself. The language has been a great boon who has a very weak vocabulary (as most of the teens have). All the things has been made clear in this easy-to-understand book. All the doubts you had after reading/watching/hearing The Secret will be cleared when you’ll read this book.

It’s quite good and the font that has been used is soothing to the eyes. You will love this book as I did. Another point I’d tell you is that it has both real stories of the teens who actually applied The Secret in their lives as well as the big stars’ stories who knowingly or unknowingly used The Secret.


The pros of this book are as follows:

  1. Easy-to-understand language
  2. All the previous doubts cleared
  3. In-depth teaching of the law of attraction
  4. Real life stories and stars’ stories
  5. Concentration towards teens and their lives


Actually I didn’t find any cons to mention here as it is so perfect! Read and you’ll think the same.

The Final Verdict

I’ll give this book a thumbs-up, and a must read book. Go buy it or I should say go attract it! 🙂

Thanks for reading!