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Have you heard people defining new definitions which can be explained only in one word? Or, have you seen people stretching a 1 mark question to that extent at which it appears like a 6 mark question? These are the people who make the world complicated. They tend subdue people who know less than them. They force their wishes on them. And the result? They mess up the whole thing – their relationships, life and all the good things.

And this is the people who don’t just ruin their own life but also of those who are with them. And to all who are the “complicators” – PLEASE UNCOMPLICATE THINGS!

Things are already very complicated in this world. For example, the rumor of the world ending in 2012. I would like to talk about it a bit. Now, if Mayans didn’t know (or felt bored :P) the numbers after 2012 then does that mean the world will end in 2012? Or, according to Hindu beliefs if there is no other Yug then does that also mean the world will end? In my opinion this is all rubbish. We should always keep in mind that they didn’t have any technology that we have today, they didn’t have that much of knowledge that we have today. They just assumed that, because they knew they themselves would not remain to see what happens.

And you know what? I laugh at them! They are really insane!

So, to all who are reading this, I ask you to don’t complicate the things. Let them remain as they are, or why not uncomplicate the things that are complicated?

Thanks for reading!


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Photo credits: Vertigo by .:Philipp Kinger:. on Flickr