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Today I watched the movie version of Ann Frank’s Diary! Loved it, an awesome movie! 🙂

While watching that, I wonder how cruel Hitler was. Killing huge masses of people – Women, men, children, everyone. I wonder how much hatred he had inside him for Jews and handicapped Germans. But at the same time his love for his country Germany was extraordinary.

But, what he did was not at all humanity. It was devilism (as I call it!). But he was a great orator. People say, whatever he said, people believed that blindly. Even the idea of mass killing. This was his plus point.

But if we keep cruelty aside out of Hitler’s character, then we will see how awesome he was. He was a good speaker, an honest man, a very sort out person. He was like a diamond. The thing, he putted all his jewels at the wrong place and ended up killing himself and his wife.

This is the reason why we call all the strict teachers, parents etc. Hitler sometimes! 😉

But why spread hatred all around when you have such a set of good qualities? This is the main reason why I am writing this post. Let’s spread love, humanity and everything good (as in Powerpuff girls! I know you watched it! ;))

Give love without expecting anything from anyone and feel that feeling and feel AWESOME about what you’ve done! And I promise that you’ll get love and other loads of things that you wanted from others. Let’s kick out envy, hatred and everything bad out of your house (your body)!

My request to you all: LET’S SPREAD LOVE!

Thanx for reading!