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Hey everyone! Recently I saw an add on television stating that there are only 1411 tigers remaining in India. And I thought, “Now that’s pathetic,” The add went on, and then they gave a website, which I would like to share with you guys: Save Our Tigers. Go and join it or as they say, JOIN THE ROAR!

That’s a great initiative if you take my opinion. It’s not only about India, but for the whole world. Where is India? It’s in the World! So join hands and let’s save tigers. Make posters, mention the above website on it or the WWF website. This is my humble request to you all. And then put that poster on your school’s notice board, or just take the print-out of this post, photocopy it and just circulate it in your class, office or anywhere! And by anywhere, I mean anywhere! Let’s save our tigers. They are very essential to us.

Thanks for reading!

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Photo credits: Let the sleeping tigers lie……………………… or….. Rock a bye, baby… by Pandiyan on Flickr