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Have you ever wondered how the man has progressed from making fire to this blogging thing? Have you ever thought that if you would have been in place of who did all this, would you be able to do this? May be, but I did and that’s the reason I am writing this post.

‘The Human Potential’ that’s what I like to call it! Or rather ‘Human Mind’s Potential’. Seriously, from the first fire in that stone age to this internet stuff in this 21st century world. Humans have progressed a lot. Monkey, chimpanzees etc. that have developed from the same species as we did, were not able to progress this much. Reason? Because they didn’t have that much of a brain that we have.

There would have been humans in the stone age who thought of flying in the sky (and many of them may have tried!), but then thought that it was completely impossible for them. But now we have planes, jets, many other things. Or, when that stone aged man would sleep under the open sky and might have looked at the moon and thought of going there sometime would kill himself if saw that today’s man has gone there many times!

He would have never thought of talking to someone whom he can’t even see. And now, you can call anyone, anywhere in the world! But you know what? He was the same man as we are today, the difference is just of time. Einstein made the equation e = mc2 and people thought that they can’t be as intelligent as him, but he was one of us, he was a man.

But the human potential not just turned up in a positive manner, it made it’s fellow people die. The ancient man used his weapons for hunting for food, but have never used for killing his fellow humans (or did he do that?). But still, if he did that or not, he, in his wildest imagination would never ever would have thought of mass killing, like it’s happening in today’s world.

Mass destruction, mass killing etc. wasn’t in our blood. It is the gift of new age. Hitler killed people just because they were Jews or handicapped that were of no use for the country. But did he ever thought if he was a handicapped and he was killed by any other Hitler-like leader how his family would have felt. Sure, he was, at that time, was not important for the country, but he was surely important for his family and friends.

We humans think that we are more advanced than any other species on the planet, but what we do is – killing our own race. Have you seen lion – the king of the jungle – eating his own species for his good? What are these terrorists trying to prove? That there religion or community is not given any special attention? If that is the case then, they are not at all committed to their own community or religion. Because, when you are – with your heart and soul – you don’t care whether anybody care for it or not.

These were my thoughts on the Human Potential – Negative and Positive. What are yours? Share with us!

Photo credits: Human Brain on Flickr