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Getting Higher

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I have come across many instances when people think that they are above all. To make others feel the same they make them do things what they want them to do. They make them say something bad, do something bad etc. And, they are the people who are negative in the eyes of almost 99.9% of the people (of course, the 1% are they).

Now think of people who do good to others such as people who do social service. They help people. Definitely they don’t get noticed in the eyes of the public for what they do. But what they do for the people who they intend to do, such as helping the poor, they become Gods in their eyes.

Now you know the difference between these people, don’t you? So, who are you, the earlier or the latter? Well, it doesn’t matter who you are, because you can change it anytime and anywhere. In this article I’ll show you how.

Treat others as you want them to treat you

You want people to treat you nicely; you want them to praise you. But it doesn’t happen. Why? Because you are not doing the same to them. Feel the same way for others as you want them to feel for you. If you feel that others are smaller, lesser valuable than you, then they will think the same.

If you feel that others are greater, and equal to you, then they will think the same for you. And apart from this you will also feel peace inside you, because you don’t have any ill thoughts for others, instead you have good and positive thoughts. They will reflect back to you in reality. They will turn up as good instances happening to you.

For example, if a person has ill thoughts for his colleagues, in this case bullies, then others also have the same for him. But they are good in their emotions. They feel good with their friends. While the bully, on one hand shows that he’s very powerful, he gets scolding from teachers, parents, neighbors etc.

On the other hand, a person feels good for others. He treats them as important as God himself. He makes them feel good, people like him. And guess what? He may not get good grades, but he’s a true role model in everyone’s eyes. And because of this, he now scores good grades. And to put the cherry on the cake, other people, such as teachers, parents, neighbors etc. like him.

These examples, as you would have thought while reading them, are true in reality. That’s why they are called examples, duh! 😉

Be Grateful

The second this is to be grateful for everything in your life. Well, as other books and authors will say you that be grateful for this and that. I will tell you to feel grateful for only one big thing that you have. Try it now.

I said be grateful for one thing that you really, really love.

How does it feel? Great, right? Yeah, it indeed is! Now as you feel grateful for that thing, be grateful for another thing, that you like. May be for the kind of relationships you have or anything you like. It doesn’t necessarily mean that what I am saying to be grateful about you grateful about it. It can be anything. Repeat this anytime of the day you feel like. And you will see your life transformed.

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Why I want to Study in USA?

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It was a summer afternoon last year, when I told my mother that I want to study in the US. “But what about your IIT dream?” I couldn’t answer that question. But my mom agreed on that. But that question is still in my mind. Why US? Well, I can do my undergraduate from India as well, and then I can go there for my majors. But still, I don’t want to do minors in India.

After thinking on it from last year, I finally got my answer. Well, you can’t say it’s an answer, actually it’s a list of reasons. Every time I think of this list, my self-confidence boosts up. This is the list of reasons.

The first, and the obvious one is, US has one of the best education system in the world. I haven’t seen any other system like this anywhere in the world. This really fascinates me, and boosts up my confidence. They have better usage of technology, unlike Indian universities, who still use paper and pen. My sister studies in one of them, called The University of Mumbai. It’s one of the best universities in India, but still it’s ancient in front of those American ones. Still, she wastes tons of sheets writing material, that ultimately goes to the garbage.

The second reason why I want to study in US is I will have an experience of a life time. You see, I have never been apart from my family and friends for such a long time. Doing everything by yourself, in a foreign land. It provides confidence, it gives you a glimpse into the life which is waiting for you outside the college campus. It teaches you how you can tackle problems. It’s the best experience one can have.

The third and a bit hilarious reason is, I like burgers very much! You can’t even think, how much I like burgers! Now you will ask, why I want to go to US for burgers if they are available here in India as well. Well, my answer will be: Some questions don’t have any answers. The reasons only makes sense to the person who creates them. Hope you understood. There would have been a situation in your life where you gave your friends/family/parents a reason and they couldn’t really make sense out of it. It only makes sense to you. So, it’s your life, your reasons, and to put the cherry on the cake, they make sense to YOU!

The fourth reason is my hunger of knowing people from diverse cultures. And what better place than US? Great economy, great education system, great facilities. Everything! Awesome to be there! Making friends from different countries, it just makes me gear up for it!

Well, yeah, that’s it. These are the reasons why I want to go to the US. If you have any questions to ask, just pour them in via comments. Hope you liked my post. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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