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It was a festive day. Everyone was going towards the Church. From everyone, I mean the city was going towards the biggest Church in the country. It was their local festival. All the devotees went their to pray for the goodwill of their children, loved ones and themselves. The streets were crowded, which, for the rest of the year were deserted. On the way, everyone hummed devotional songs.

There were everyone from every possible age groups – There was a new-born baby, there was 100-year-old man who was going on the back of his grandson. Everyone was happy. Not a sign of disbelief or anything. This was just the way how it should be and was from the last 250 years or so.

No one was in their homes, except one person. His name was Agusto. He was also of the religion as the others. But he was still sitting in his house, mediating. Then, one of his friends came.

“Hey Agusto, are you coming to the church with me?” He asked.

Agusto slowly opened his eyes and smiled looking at him. Christiano, was a bit confused. They were friends from at least 7 months when Agusto was new in this city.

“I am not coming Christiano.” He said firmly. Christiano knew that Agusto was a bit philosophical, but he never took it too seriously.

“But why Agusto? God will not forgive you for doing so.” He said worrying and closing all the doors and windows so that nobody heard them.

“God is within me, and you, and everyone else. It doesn’t make sense to go to him. He is within us, Christiano.” He said smiling.

“But how? And if he is, then why do other people go to Church to find him?” Christiano asked, coming closer to him.

“Each one of us have our souls. And that soul is none other than God. God’s are within us, Christiano. And we’re the Church ourselves. If we can go to ourselves, then we are going to the Church.”

“But how can anyone go inside himself?”

Agusto smiled and said, “Through meditation. We can go into ourselves, we can go and reach the God who is within us.” Christiano nodded.

This is my message to all of you that, God is within us all. And our bodies are our Church. Each and every human being in this world is God, the only difference is we need to achieve God-consciousness. For that we should be in sympathy with others and with ourselves. We can do that my mediating. WE ARE ALL GODS.

Photo credits: Be More Human / Mehr Mensch Sien by an untrained eye, on Flickr.