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Well, I’m hearing this question from a while now, especially in India. I heard a simple yet effective definition of ‘education’ somewhere around the web (twitter?). It goes likes this:

Education is whatever that remains with you when you’ve forgotten what you’ve learnt in school.

Quite simple eh? Yeah it is. Well, education, when created was to make the children more aware of the world they live in. It was something powerful. Students chose their favorite subjects, studied them, and their parents didn’t ask them to go to their choice’s university.

Well in my words, I would define education as:

Making children aware of their surroundings and themselves, without forcing them to learn anything.

Now you will ask me why I am saying why I am saying not to force them to learn. WTF? If we’ll not ask them to learn then how the heck will the learn? My answer will be, there is a big difference between asking and forcing. When you ask something, you are just suggesting, to obey that is the decision to whom you are asking. And for forcing you all know.

The point I’m making here is that, today’s world is soaked so much into “bookish” knowledge that, a field trip is considered harmful for the studies of a child. Seriously, I observed one parent giving the same reason she didn’t send her child to the field trip. When I heard that I was shocked! Like, it was torturing your own birth! Another thing which I observed was when during swine flu was at its peak in India. All schools were shut for around 10 days. But, in spite of that, some parents forced their children, as well as the school authorities to reopen the schools just because their children’s study was at loss. They don’t care that if that deadly disease ceased their precious children whom they want to study, they will be killed, that’s for sure.

This is the Indian Education System. Considered the best in the world for primary, secondary, and senior secondary curriculum all over the world. Seriously, I sometimes feel ashamed in front of some of my friends who study in international schools with international boards.

But the reforms introduced by the HRD minister of The Government of India, gives me some hopes. Scraping of board exams, scraping marks and introducing grades instead is a great idea. Well, there are people who are also against it, but they don’t matter.

Education system and people’s mentality, of India, needs a lot of more improvements like this. Till then, be happy that, we are on the right path!

What are your view on the education system? Share’em with me through comments!

Photo credits: Boy with dog, studying on a mountain by mattlinden, on Flickr.