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What exactly is Achievement?

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This is a video in which I talk about the simplicity of ‘Achievement’ in your life. Hope you’ll like it! 🙂

“You got your lesson right kid?”

“Yes, I do sir.”

“Good, now go back to your seat and don’t do anything useless.”

“Yes sir.”

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Now, how many of you had that kind of a conversation with your school teacher in your school days. Almost everyone right? I myself had that kind of conversation, but not only one time, but almost like twice a week. But I didn’t understand what “lesson” was there for me to learn. But as I grew up, I got to know that almost everyone in this world will try to teach you a single lesson, whether he/she is a friend, parent, teacher, neighbor, or whoever.

But the thing they are trying to teach you is the same – Don’t get too close to anyone as they are going to leave you one day or the other. Well, being very close to anyone is not a problem. I have many close friends in my real life and on the internet as well. And guess what? They are also trying to teach you the same lesson. They may not even know it, neither will you!

Learn that single lesson, and move on. Like all those quotes on the internet say – “Learn from your own mistakes.” Fine, I learned from my mistake, now what? This is the question many of my friends ask. So, what do you really learn? You learn that you don’t have to commit the same mistake again. It doesn’t matter how much big your mistake is, it doesn’t matter that you lose all your best friends, the thing is, you learned a big lesson.

Now, many people fail to realize this, and what they do? Suicide. Well what does suicide means anyway? I came across this definition of suicide somewhere (I don’t remember the source):

Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.

At least first analyze the problem you are in, and then take proper steps. Now you will think, “Huh-uh what this 15-year-old kid will teach me about life?” But you are wrong! This 15-year-old teen has had many bad experiences, experiences that would make any teen suicide within minutes. I am not praising myself, but I am showing you your potential. If a 15-year-old kid can do that, so can you!

Help prevent teen suicide, go to this site to get more help with your problems:

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Will the World End in 2012 discusses into deep details all the theories that tell that the world will end in the year 2012. Some of them pin-point the exact date as December 21, 2012, other just tell about the consequences. It discusses a total of ten theories including The Mayan Calendar, solar flares, CERN and the large Hadron Collider, the predictions of Nostradamus etc.

All the theories are discussed keeping in mind the pros and cons of it, and proper citations are given wherever needed. It is a book cum research journal (as appeared to me). While discussing the pros of any theory you will start believing that this is true, however, while discussing the cons of the same you will think how stupid it is to believe in it.

But some of the theories give enough evidence that it will happen in 2012 or someday in the future. For example, the solar flares from the sun can make earth’s magnetic field reversal. This theory has been verified by the scientists of NASA as well. Other theories fail to give enough evidence of the same. For example the predictions of Nostradamus are so vague in its writings that multiple meanings can be created out of them.

At the end of the book, there is section that if the world will end in 2012 then what can we do about it. It says to firmly believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible to be able to survive. Clearly this is not a scientific reason, but it is for the Christians. I would not recommend anyone who is reading this book to believe in what is written there. I myself didn’t read it completely. The last chapter is “The Christian’s Guide to Survive 2012”, which as you may have guessed, I didn’t read as well.

All in all it is a good read and is a real time killer. It took me around three or four days to read it completely. But I would suggest that you don’t take any of the theories seriously, because world is surely not going to end in 2012!

To buy the book online click here.

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