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Maintaining a personal diary was a task which I didn’t do until a few years back. In my opinion it was something that old people did, who had nothing else lest in their lives to do. But then, one day, I realized how important it was to do it.

I was just another young teen (13 years old) who wanted to enjoy his coming teen years extensively. I had heard from my English teacher in school that we should all have a personal diary to write about our daily activities. I didn’t take it seriously and so did other students.

But after around 4 or 5 months, I was working on a project. I wanted to keep a track of everything I do in a particular day, so that I can allot a fixed time for it. But, I was unable to do it. I was unable to know how much time I spend after school while I write stuff, watch TV, and sit on the computer. And it was then I realized the importance of a diary. And then? I went straight to a stationary store and bought a diary.

At first, I was unable to figure out what to write and what not to write in it – whether to write each and everything that I did in a particular day or just some important instances. Soon, as time passed, I came to know how to make use of that one page of my diary to write everything that happened and what I want in future.

So here is the rough outline of what I write in my diary:

  1. Some important instances that happened in a particular day with me
  2. The things/task that I achieved/completed that day
  3. The things which I want to achieve in the near future.

That’s all. The last step often gets repeated for some days, because those are the things which take some time to get completed.

This practice really helps me to keep track of my time. I often write stuff that I want to remember in it whenever I get time throughout the day. So it is not that diary which you see only at night before going to bed. I always keep it with me – whether I’m going to school or on a trip.

Apart from this, I also have another diary called ‘The Law of Attraction Diary’. In it I write the things that should have happened instead of the things that happened that day.

So, what do you write in your diary? Share with me!

Photo credits: Diary by Magic Madzic, on Flickr.