Live as if youre going to die tomorrow, learn as if youre going to live forever.

~ Gandhi

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I just came across this quote on a website. As I read it I wondered why this quote is not so famous like other quotes. Well, so in this post I will talk about what is mentioned in this quote in detail.

First of all, people in today’s world (including you, me and others) are so much busy in their own lives that they just forget about other things. They think that they will do this and that tomorrow. With this kind of thinking, we don’t realize the importance of things that comfort us. I personally thought like this, but this quote really opened my eyes.

This really struck me. Seriously, how many of you think this way? May 1 or 2 out of 500? Or 5000? Or more than that? Now, to really understand the power of this quote, read it and think about it. Ok, let’s do part by part. Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow, now for this it’s kind of tricky. Think that you will surely (there is no chance you can survive) die tomorrow. Then your senses come to life. You begin to like every single thing, you start thinking of having fun today, because you’re going to die tomorrow. See, how good it feels? This is the way we all should live our lives – Having more fun in the present.

This is one of the things which I pointed out in one of my earlier posts i.e. Engineering? It’s too Common!. Those who go to IIT coaching classes or whatever think that once they will pass out of IIT or anything, they can have fun then. Now tell me one thing, how many of the people you know who passed out of IIT and are having fun? Partying, going crazy, watching TV and surfing the web 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? I guess, nobody, right?

I want all of them to stop a moment, get their heads out of their books, and look around, look at the beautiful nature and have some fun. That’s what life is meant to be! You are just wasting your time for what you call green paper. Get your mind off that little box of yours where you and your green papers are, take a look at the beautiful relationships you have, beautiful friendships you have, beautiful girls/boys around ( 😉 ). Because these are the things that really count.

I am not denying that earning money and having a good lifestyle is bad, but please for God’s sake, take a look at other people. Please! Live life king size in the present moment. Not after you are forty or fifty. If you can’t do that, then get the heck out of this world, we have better people here.

Now the second thing which this quote says is – Learn as if you’re going to live forever. Now how can you do that, because you just assumed that you’re going to die tomorrow! Well, you can, just think both of them as two different things. As you distinguish your life with your family and with your friends. With your family you are much more formal, you talk giving respects to each other, and laughing at the jokes that are not at all funny, but you have to laugh, because it’s from somebody from your family.

Now take your life with your friends – You talk casually, using hand gestures and making fun of each other. You just chill around with them, you can talk of naughty things or about girls/boys. You are not obliged to laugh at their jokes, you can make the best jokes sound like PJs! At this point, you just forget about the other thing, right? So that’s what you gotta do with this quote as well.

You can’t learn if you think you’re going to die tomorrow (or can you?!). You have to have a different mindset at that time. That’s what Gandhiji meant by this line. Learn things, study thing as if you are going to live forever and you can make use of them in your whole (eternal) life. Try doing this, even if you don’t have anything to study, why is WikiPedia is there for? (Of course go after reading this and commenting 😉 )

So what do you think about this idea? Did you notice this quote before as well? Share with me your views via comments.

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