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The First Day in Class 11

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Hey guys! Today was my first day in class 11 science, and I have loads of things to tell you!

This post will also be related to my education section, and a lot more insights that I am getting day by day about it!

So today I woke up at 6 AM, and during vacations I used to wake up at 10 AM! You get the difference, but it wasn’t too hard for me as I slept early. So I went to school, reached my class room on time. Gave high fives (for no reason) to everyone I knew, and a smile to almost everyone.

Soon it was time for the assembly, but it was raining outside so we did our prayers in the class room. And then the first period started. At first, no teacher came, and then afterwards our class teacher who will teach us computer science (EPIC!) came and started collecting fees. After that he went, and then in the second period the mathematics sir came and gave us the introduction to various chapters (NOT EPIC!).

After that for 2 periods no one came and we just roamed around the corridor or just went to the ground. Then it was lunch, and we ate our tiffins. Then in the time left had a great walk in the school campus and brought back all the missing memories with friends! EPIC!

And then after lunch what happened was truly NOT EPIC at all! And I ended up having an head-ache! 😛

Our Physics ma’am came to the class in the 5th period (after the lunch) and briefed us about class 11 and 12 as if we were going for a war! But one thing I remember is (and the thing because I am writing this post) she gave some advice, it was like this –

Don’t take Bio or Computer Science, instead take Hindi and you can score better. In Bio you’ll have to literally study the whole text and about Computer Science you can take any course outside. If you’ll take Hindi you will have lots of time to study important subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

I mean WTF?! Brain-washing children? I do personally like her and the way she teaches and her attitude, but this was really a FAIL. Why are you deviating children? It really surprised me when she was talking about these so-called “important subjects”.

Giving importance to certain subjects is not at all good. And why did those officials at CBSE decide to teach us computer science? Are they mad?

Well, and after that (some dumb people without any brains) who were going to take Computer Science, told that they will opt for Hindi now. I mean WTF?! This is what I want to highlight. People in India are STARVING for marks. They don’t want to create their future, they are afraid. Why? Being afraid is good, but never give-up. Marks are not everything for God’s sake!

Indian education system revolves around this whole marks thing. And in between this chaos of percentages everyone has forgotten the basic meaning of education. Everyone now wants to know this and that definition but don’t want to literally know what it means. They want to vomit everything they mugged up during the school days, on that answer sheet. And then be proud of getting 100 out of 100 marks.

I never got a 100 in any subject and I don’t even care. I am good at writing (and still I barely go above 90 in English) and I know that is my future. And yeah, my new hobby – Graphic Designing!

One more thing, she also asked students who have set their goal for their career in future. And I tell you; more than 95% of students have joined IIT coaching classes in our class. And when she asked that only 3 or 4 students raised their hands out of like 48. I was one of the 3 or 4, and when she asked me I said Graphic Designing, and yea I impressed! =)

One student said so-called Engineering and ma’am said “Engineering? It’s too common! Say something else.” (Exactly the title of one of my posts! That’s why I linked it there.)

And simultaneously I wrote in my notebook “Education is not equal to career”.

And yea, I need to sleep now, tomorrow’s school! And I am excited! 🙂

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Formal Education Will Make You a Living and Nothing More

Formal education can make you a living; self-education can make you a fortune.

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I will kill myself if you’ll say that you haven’t heard of this quote (unless you are from Mars, that is). But tell me seriously, how many of you really stick to this? None, I know.

People are aware of this very well, it doesn’t even need any explanation, but still it is ignored. We still choose the career based on our studies. You would say “So? Everyone does that, that’s how it has been.” What? “It has been”? Please, at least a valid explanation?

Yes, each and every one does that – If I am good at science, I will be an engineer or a doctor. But why not a graphic designer? If I am good at accounting and business I will take commerce and be an accountant or something like that. But why not a programmer? And if I am good at arts, well everyone knows what parents say.

Here, people don’t want to take “risk”. Risk? Why? Afraid of failures that can make you strong? And yes, I would like to talk about this failure shit more. Right from when we go to our school, we are taught that we should get good grades, and not get failed in any subject. Fair enough. But this teaching goes far more beyond those teachers and parents think. Slowly and slowly, children become afraid of getting failed in whatever they do and those teachers too (that’s why they are teaching, duh!).

Schools are jails that have been glorified in the name of education. Seriously, you are taught to never break discipline, never ever do anything that is “in-disciplined”, never ever getting out of the math and science (read: junk) to think something more creative like dance or music. I agree dance and music have been included in many schools, but is it taught everyday like science or math? Think about it.

Those people who are making a fortune (read: billionaires) are not doing what they learnt in school. Seriously, do you know a scientist who is a billionaire and enjoys holidays at Bahamas? Or take an ordinary man, who goes at work in the morning and comes at night without anything to be proud of? Isn’t a bad lifestyle you would say, but you all will still do that!

Change is what is needed. Change in education as well as a drastic change in this crappy mindset of people.

Here as an awesome way of telling the same from my friend King Sidharth on his new blog – Education Killed 956 Entrepreneurs.

Please, and I mean PLEASE share your views via comments, I would love to read them!

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The 30-day Test

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It was not a normal test. It was I testing my skill, kind of weird huh? Well, not for me. I did this to clear a doubt in my mind. A small doubt that was plaguing me. The doubt was that if I wanted to do arts in class 11th and 12th. Ever since I was a child, I had this thing about writing and social science. But now I am very clear.

The Test

In the beginning of the month of May, I started this test. I programmed myself that I will take arts no matter what over science. I did that, I wrote about it on facebook, twitter, my blog and told everyone about it. I told my mother, my sister, my friends and everyone I could tell.

In this process I even inspired some people who wanted to take science to follow their passion. Some are taking arts and others commerce. I just told myself that I will take arts. And there was a point when I really wanted to take it. It was awesome to think about the possibility of what I will do in arts. I started searching for good colleges in Mumbai. I even bought a book that is needed to take admission in class 11th in Maharashtra board.

In a nutshell, I did everything to create in me something that was there, but in a very small amount. As I said, at one point I was completely ready to opt for arts.

The Result

The result? Well, I came to know that I wanted to be a developer, a coder, a C++ & Java kind of coder.  When? Just yesterday night! I am weird? I was just wondering the same thing! 😉

So, how many of you really, and by really I mean really, want to take science or arts or commerce? Or are you doing any of them? Leave your responses below; I would love to read them! 🙂

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