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So guys, as you know I gave my 10th grade exams this March. They went quite good. And, on 28th of May, my results were announced. I got a CGPA of 8.6 out of 10, and it’s awesome for me! I woke up at 8 AM on the day of results, so that I can take a look at them first. The results were to be announced at 10 AM (According to the CBSE Results website), but they got announced at around 7 AM actually (according to my friend, who called and told me my result even before I could see them myself! 😦 ). So I quickly went to the website and saw my results, and got quite happy! 😛

So, I was happy, and then scrolled around with the roll numbers and saw all the results myself! 😛 It was quite fun. Now I am planning to take arts, and do what my heart says after that. Let’s see how my life will take turns, hope you will be with me through out them. 🙂

So what is your result. And if you are older, how much did ya get in your 10th grade (I don’t expect an “I-don’t-remember” answer).

PS: YouTube is awesome! 🙂