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So, as many of you know that I live in India, and here’s it’s not that normal to have relationships like that. May be because of the old orthodox thinking or just because it’s “bad” as told by our parents. But is it really that bad? Let’s discuss.

I know many of you who are reading this have girlfriends/boyfriends and you are in love with them. But do your parents know about it? Are you afraid to tell them, because they may get mad and you’ll never ever get to talk to the person you loved?

Parents – Old Gen

We must keep in our minds that our parents belong to an old generation and in their generation it wasn’t so good to love someone. They failed to realize its beauty and focused on its negative consequences like getting bad grades, and the biggest fear of all – suicide.

But on the other hand that feeling of love is awesome. You can’t deny this fact if you’ve ever been in a relationship. The more love you feel, the more loved you will be. There’s no one closer to you than the person you love.

You think of them every time and you do crazy things that you would have never done in your whole lifetime. But do you feel regretful for those things? Of course not.

Lovers – New Gen

We are the lovers – We are always been taught to love, so why can’t we have boyfriends/girlfriends? It’s too good to love someone, innit? So we should express the love we feel to that person and if he/she also loves you, there’s no reason to not love.

Yea, I agree, sometimes they can result into blunders, but why can’t we at least try to fall in love, rather than just stamping it with “THIS IS BAD”?

If you feel the same, or you don’t then please feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below!

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