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How many times have you failed a subject? Once, twice or never? Of course, many of you who haven’t failed a subject would be thinking that it’s so bad to fail a subject – Bad feelings, insult, loosing friends, bad looks etc.

But is it really that bad?

I just gave my Mathematics exam yesterday, and I’m sure that I’m gonna fail. Almost 1/4th of the class is going to fail. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking about it (and other stuff), and felt really, really bad.

I had failed in mathematics once when I was 7th grade, but that was worse than the feeling that I’m feeling now.

Anyways, but how bad can it get? I would feel bad, I would study more, enthusiastically, and then score well (or may be excellent).

So what I’ve learnt from this mistake of mine? I’m improving on it. Sure, I will get bad looks, some bad words from the teacher, some from friends, and some from my mother (maybe).

But, if you see at the end of the day, I’m improving. That’s what mistakes teach you – To learn from them and not (instead of never) commit them again. You CAN commit the same mistake again and again, it’s okay to do that (contradictory to what many people will tell you). The thing is, you should follow your heart.

I’m already feeling like studying mathematics, not from the fear of failing again, but because I really feel like. Yea, maybe because of fear, but do I really care? I’m feeling to do that, and I will do that. No one can stop me from doing that except me myself.

So, committing mistakes is good, but actually awesome, as it improves us. Fools at schools and colleges (who unfortunately call themselves experts) will tell you that it’s pathetic to fail. But really, believe me, it’s awesome.

Share your comments below on how you committed mistakes and what you learnt from them. Remember, life is supposed to be fun (by Abraham Hicks) and there’s no fun if you don’t fail a couple of times. That’s life.

Those who don’t fail will always fear them; those who fail will love them eventually, because they will know that it’s awesome!

Photo credits: Study by DAEllis, on Flickr.

IndiBlogger Mumbai Meet #indimum

Hello guys! How are you? Talking to you after a very long time! organized an awesome bloggers’ meet here in Mumbai day before yesterday (Yea, I know I’m a bit late!). But anyways, it was awesome!

Actually, I wasn’t going to go, but at the last moment I changed my mind and went. After all I would get an awesome experience! So yea, the meet was scheduled at 2 pm and I reached at around 2.20 pm so I wasn’t much late. I quickly got in and registered myself and sat near Mohan!

An interesting thing happened at that time. As I went to sit with Mohan, there was Feroze sitting one chair next to him and his hand bag and camera was lying on that empty chair. I went there and asked him if anyone was sitting there, he said no, and removed everything from there so that I can sit.

After some time, the indiblogger guy said that there is a surprise for us. We have to check under our seats to receive an envelope. And, there was it! It was only under some of the seats. And I was one of the lucky guys who got it! J

It was a 15% discount on drinks and beverages in the bar of the Hotel Sea Princess. Anyways, so after that I met Hemal Shah as well who was sitting right next to Mohan. Then after that there was a representative from HP (one of the sponsors) and one from BigRock (another sponsor) who told us about them and their various services. HP presentation was limited to their world-class and awesome printers!

After that we were given 29 seconds each to introduce ourselves and our blogs. There were more than 100 people out there and seriously, no one can remember each and every URL, so please guys, if you are reading this and you attended the meet, please comment on this post, so that I can check out your blog!

Anyways, it took a while for this intro session to finish, and yea, I was the YOUNGEST BLOGGER there! 😉

During this intro session, we got to know about so many interesting people – A pharmacist, a novelist, a guy who got his job because of his blog, and many more people! One of the most awesome times I had at the meet!

After that was the most fun part! We were given charts with a sketch pen to everyone and were told that we have to write on them while they hung on the blogger’s neck’s that we feel about him/her and his/her blog. It was awesome! Met some old friends, whom I met at the Young Bloggers’ Meet in April – Parth J Dave, Neha Hadkar and Magali C. Vaz! Nice meeting you again guys!

While it was all happening, me and Parth went for the snacks (Yea, we couldn’t resist ourselves to the sandwiches and biscuits!). And we ate as everyone else went walking here and there, finding someone to write at their backs. Anyways, made some new friends too! It was so awesome to meet (and not to meet) so many bloggers under one roof!

Then *drum rolls* the most awaited Gul Panag arrived! And the tweets were saying it all! The guys who couldn’t attend the meet (who didn’t know that snack break was going on) thought that everyone stopped tweeting because of Gul Panag! Haha!

Anyways, I couldn’t click any pics because my Nokia 5800’s battery wasn’t charged, so took my old Nokia N72, who’s display went to heaven and had to take my father’s old phone! Shit! It was so embarrassing to take it out in front of iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and yea, my very own Nokia 5800s… 😦

Well, never mind. Then there was a small quiz for free .com domains for 1 and 3 years. Didn’t even raise my hand to any of the questions except the FTP one (in which half of the people raised their hands! LOL!).

So anyways, after that Gul Panag moderated a debate on “Is blogging the new journalism?” (Correct me on this if I’m wrong). It was quite a heated debate! But a lot of opinions from one side of the room to the other! Awesome way to learn, why can’t they teach us in school this way rather than just ‘imposing’ us with stuff?!

So after that we had a 10 minute screening of a movie called “Soch Lo”, during which some of the people tried to record it with their phones (Grow up!). Me and Hemal stopped them from doing so (I am the IndiPolice right? Had to do my duty! 😉 ). Anyways, those 10 minutes completely went over my head, and after that not only me, but everyone was confused! Haha!

Then we went for a group photo and then the most IMPORTANT part of all! Taking our IndiTees!! Got mine finally!! 😀

As Addy says that “My second skin!”

All in all an awesome experience. Went home with Parth, Hemal and Rahul (sorry dude, for got your blog’s URL! :P)

So, to the people who didn’t attend it, surely you did miss something! Haha!



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