“Every now and then people try to forget their pasts…” said Mr Ansari, looking at the class with a strange look. “But I… I like to look at past. I don’t want to forget it. You know why? Because my past is cheerful – full of happiness – that when I look into it, I feel happy, I feel the urge to do something impossible every day.

“That’s why I set unachievable goals for myself every day. They make me do things that are above my potential. I don’t follow those ‘success’ books. They are useless. What’s the point to shape your thinking according to them? You should make your own reality. Success doesn’t depend on those ‘principles’. Success depends upon unlimitedness. ‘Principles’ limit you – they limit your thinking. On the other hand the feeling of unlimitedness makes you feel happy. It makes you feel that you can achieve anything in thing entire world.

“The example of ‘principles’ in real life is the law. The law makes people break it, and many more people respect it. They respect it because they are fearful of being punished, and that’s where limitedness comes in. Law makes people have limited thinking about them – it makes them feel that the ordinary life they are living is the only good way to live. They think that by not doing something extraordinary and make some people unhappy that will make them look bad before the world. And this is the thing that stops many – or almost 99.95% of the people – from doing what they really love.

“The first way to get out of this thinking is to have fun in what we have i.e. in the present moment. But ‘having fun in what we have’ is again a limiting thought. ‘Having fun in the present moment’ is also limiting and makes us feel that we have very small bit of time to have fun.

“So, the second way to get out of this is to just love everything. Each and everything. Love the world, love the universe, love the eyes you are reading this with. ‘Love is the answer to life.’ That’s why we are all here, and yet we forget this very purpose.

“If you want to love something/someone that isn’t there, then believe that it is. Just believe it with closed eyes. And then you’ll have it with you in no time – really. Just believe that you have the entire universe in your hands.

“Many people have said the same thing – one of which I remember – that goes something like this: The sky is the limit. Whatever they think they are trying to tell people is that they can do anything. But 100% of the people take that as a limiting belief (subconsciously). It is like defining the limit itself. And then people believe in it and make limit themselves more.

“Schools are also doing an awesome job of limiting children’s minds. They have their own rules, which they proudly call ‘discipline’ and make children feel that they are doing an awesome job by following those rules. They call them all sorts of things: Best student of the year, Most disciplined student and what not. And what those students result in? Arrogant people who think they are the best because they are following the rules. This is known as following the herd. They are all living under a big illusion. This illusion makes them blind.” Mr Ansari pauses to drink a glass of water. He gulps it with great passion at once. He puts the glass back on the wooden table – which has nothing special about it – and looks at the whole class of students who are looking at him with an expression of please-go-on-we-are-loving-it. He then starts again.

“Do you know why you are all feeling so happy now, and so energetic? Because you are now in alignment with your inner self or I would say, The True You. This is who you really are – having unlimited power – and that’s why it’s shown on your faces. They are brightened, and happier than a bit earlier. You are cheerful; your eyes have a shine in them. You are in love with this world, universe and yourself.”

Photo credits: Power in the skies. by kelsey_lovefusionphoto, on Flickr.