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Are We Really Living in a Democracy?

Recently I read in the news that Rohinton Mistry‘s book Such a Long Journey was removed from the syllabus by The University of Mumbai in mid-term only because the son of a politician asked it to. Is that called democracy? I don’t think so.

The reason of the removal of the book from the syllabus given by The University of Mumbai is that it has hatred speech against a very big political party in Maharashtra. And the book was removed from the syllabus within a night when the examination papers were already set.

This is truly the violation of a very fundamental right of a human – Right to Speech.

Why can’t a political party show enough maturity to accept its past? Why can’t they make themselves a better political party in the present. Rather than doing that, they are making many other writers write about them (via blogs, newspapers, books etc).

Isn’t this childish? Like children do to hide their mistakes. How can a childish party rule us? How can they expect us to choose them in the elections?

A political party is there to rule us, to protect us, to supervise that all the rights are being practiced accordingly. But on the other hand they are themselves violating all these rights.

What more disturbing is that, the Mumbai University guy (whatever his name is) didn’t even refuse it once. He just removed it just because a particular person didn’t want it in the syllabus. Why? Aren’t there other students who would like to read and study it?

The second thing, now after the book has been removed, the CM says that we would set an inquiry to find out that why the book was introduced in the syllabus. What? Rather than placing it back into the syllabus, they want to know how it was introduced. What a democracy, I say!

Dude, those who introduced it in the first place did some research before introducing it. They weren’t illiterate. When the novel is trying to convey something, they don’t want it to happen.

They are like a child who is afraid of whatever mistake he has done. And the guys who removed it are helping him do it.

This is such a shame to the largest democracy in the world.

PS: Sign this petition to raise your voice against the coward system –

Education System – Great when we Ignore it

Exams. I just can’t figure out why we have to give exams. Is it because we don’t believe ourselves that we know the concepts or the teachers don’t believe in their own teaching.

We are taught that we should believe ourselves and others. And yet, the whole education system doesn’t follow this.

Okay, exams may be necessary sometimes, but the stress they cause is like hell for students. Think about it, you know the concept, so why is there any need to ask? It really doesn’t make sense. Many students forget things and many basic concepts just because of the fear of exams. Really, is that what they are meant for? To discourage students? To make them feel that some of them are superior and other inferiors?

There are par shelties in class rooms just because one student scores well in the exam, while the other just scores badly because of the fear. It isn’t fair. Tell me, is it?

One particular thing I remember my principal saying when he came to our class – “Why have you taken science if you score badly? Why didn’t you take commerce or arts? They are good for the students of your kind.”

Did I just hear “kind”. Now, what does that mean? And, are you saying that commerce and arts are bad because it requires less percentage of marks to get admission there? We don’t need this kind of principal.

May be a student is not able to remember an answer just because of the fear of the teacher that teaches him. The same thing happened with my friend.

Before our Physics exam, everyone was studying and was asking vague questions to each other. Usually I ignore these fucking stupids (who unfortunately call themselves intelligent), but that day I also got a bit into them and became tensed. But I managed to ignore them somehow. But my friend couldn’t. As the exam started we all started writing, but he got blank and even forgot the basics.

As a result he got 10 out of 40. And the teacher was like – “You don’t know anything! See, you’ve gone wrong even in basic things!” They tell us to understand their problems, why can’t they try to understand ours?

Education system in India sucks. So don’t take it too seriously.

Photo credits: Writing Exams by ccarlstead, on Flickr.

How many times have you failed a subject? Once, twice or never? Of course, many of you who haven’t failed a subject would be thinking that it’s so bad to fail a subject – Bad feelings, insult, loosing friends, bad looks etc.

But is it really that bad?

I just gave my Mathematics exam yesterday, and I’m sure that I’m gonna fail. Almost 1/4th of the class is going to fail. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking about it (and other stuff), and felt really, really bad.

I had failed in mathematics once when I was 7th grade, but that was worse than the feeling that I’m feeling now.

Anyways, but how bad can it get? I would feel bad, I would study more, enthusiastically, and then score well (or may be excellent).

So what I’ve learnt from this mistake of mine? I’m improving on it. Sure, I will get bad looks, some bad words from the teacher, some from friends, and some from my mother (maybe).

But, if you see at the end of the day, I’m improving. That’s what mistakes teach you – To learn from them and not (instead of never) commit them again. You CAN commit the same mistake again and again, it’s okay to do that (contradictory to what many people will tell you). The thing is, you should follow your heart.

I’m already feeling like studying mathematics, not from the fear of failing again, but because I really feel like. Yea, maybe because of fear, but do I really care? I’m feeling to do that, and I will do that. No one can stop me from doing that except me myself.

So, committing mistakes is good, but actually awesome, as it improves us. Fools at schools and colleges (who unfortunately call themselves experts) will tell you that it’s pathetic to fail. But really, believe me, it’s awesome.

Share your comments below on how you committed mistakes and what you learnt from them. Remember, life is supposed to be fun (by Abraham Hicks) and there’s no fun if you don’t fail a couple of times. That’s life.

Those who don’t fail will always fear them; those who fail will love them eventually, because they will know that it’s awesome!

Photo credits: Study by DAEllis, on Flickr.

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