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What I write in my Diary?

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Maintaining a personal diary was a task which I didn’t do until a few years back. In my opinion it was something that old people did, who had nothing else lest in their lives to do. But then, one day, I realized how important it was to do it.

I was just another young teen (13 years old) who wanted to enjoy his coming teen years extensively. I had heard from my English teacher in school that we should all have a personal diary to write about our daily activities. I didn’t take it seriously and so did other students.

But after around 4 or 5 months, I was working on a project. I wanted to keep a track of everything I do in a particular day, so that I can allot a fixed time for it. But, I was unable to do it. I was unable to know how much time I spend after school while I write stuff, watch TV, and sit on the computer. And it was then I realized the importance of a diary. And then? I went straight to a stationary store and bought a diary.

At first, I was unable to figure out what to write and what not to write in it – whether to write each and everything that I did in a particular day or just some important instances. Soon, as time passed, I came to know how to make use of that one page of my diary to write everything that happened and what I want in future.

So here is the rough outline of what I write in my diary:

  1. Some important instances that happened in a particular day with me
  2. The things/task that I achieved/completed that day
  3. The things which I want to achieve in the near future.

That’s all. The last step often gets repeated for some days, because those are the things which take some time to get completed.

This practice really helps me to keep track of my time. I often write stuff that I want to remember in it whenever I get time throughout the day. So it is not that diary which you see only at night before going to bed. I always keep it with me – whether I’m going to school or on a trip.

Apart from this, I also have another diary called ‘The Law of Attraction Diary’. In it I write the things that should have happened instead of the things that happened that day.

So, what do you write in your diary? Share with me!

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What they think?

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Yeah, what they think. May be this is what we call “crab mentality”. Whenever anyone is doing something good, they just want to comment on it. Hmmm… I am writing this post because I get constant comments from my friends (not on the blog though). Some say I am doing a great job, some say you are wasting your time instead you would have studied so much in that time, or the main reason I am writing this post, You don’t know how to write. Now that was the worst best comment I ever got! You know, you come to my blog, you read the posts and comment what you feel. Yeah! You feel good about my writing and sometimes criticize me (that’s why this blog is still alive, and many more are in the pipeline!). But the real thing is, the real thing which I get to know about what I write is through these type of comments (You don’t know how to write!).

I am not saying that your comments are not worth it, but I’m telling that those are the people who tell me how m I doing. By receiving negative comments, or criticism or whatever you wanna call that, I feel a 200 times more fired up and I want to write more posts right at that moment! Which I write too in my notebook dedicated for such kind of writing! 😛 Though those writings will never ever be published here, they will remain with me all the time. They are the best things that I’ve ever written. I sometimes read my old posts and just edit them, make them more awesome, smooth, and great! And you know what? I’ve edited the first post a 20 times! Yeah, I also can’t believe that!

But the real thing is, those people who wanted to discourage me by saying that, got literally slapped on the face when they will read this post! Because all this diary stuff is still secret! 😛

“Crab mentality” has worked out for me! Really. And it can work for you too! And, I’m not going to say how. Because as I say always, No two persons are alike! So go, when you get such type of comments just make them your strengths! All the weaknesses will runaway and you’ll feel satisfied with what you are! Trust me, have fun. Don’t worry about future and don’t worry about past! Just replace fear with faith, and feel the magic!

Thanks for reading!

Photo credits: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by q8 girl on flickr.

Let’s Talk of Random things!

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Hey everybody! I am writing this post after a loooong time. Actually I was a bit busy. But now I am with this post about some random things!

The Law of Attraction

If you are hearing this for the first time, then The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law of the Universe. Through this law you can get anything you want. Whether it be a cup of coffee every morning or a million-dollar check in the evening! I am not joking, really. I will not get into detail. If you wanna know more about it, you can read a book called The Secret or you can just click here.


Meditation is really a nice practice and habit. It can benefit you in many ways, like from improving your handwriting to how to get rich! If you opt for meditation, it’s great for you! And if you don’t, so let’s get you started: Meditation Rocks!


Many of us are fond of facebook. Some of you may arrived here through a link I gave on facebook. Facebook is just like our virtual hang-out place with our friends, a virtual home with our relatives and loved ones, a virtual office with our colleagues. So for those who are coming across with it for the first time click here to get registered!


Blogging is a boon for a writer (like me!). You can write your articles and can you share it with the world without publishing it in a hard copy? Now you can, it’s the world of the World Wide Web and along with it blogging! There are a number of sites which lets you create your own blog. One is Blogger (by Google) and WordPress.

It’s just for now. Will come back with a post as soon as possible! 🙂


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