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Blogs Vs. Books

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Gone are the days when books were the only source of knowledge, advancement, humour, information, etc. Today, we have a lot of things for it; for example, magazines, television, and internet. Internet can be said as a boon into our lives. We have access to millions of thousands of pieces of information. And that too for free.

With the invention of internet, blogs were also invented. Through a blog, one can express his/her emotions freely, without any limitations. And because of this, it is not surprise to know that there are 20,000 blogs getting registered every day.

With this, the question arises that, are blogs going to replace books? Well, we can check the possibility of it throughout this post.


Blogs have become very popular over the internet. Now every 4th thing you see on the internet out of 7 is a blog. With increasing blogs, the categories they come in increase as well. For example, a blog may be a tech blog or a personal blog, it may be a food blog or a travel blog, it may be a humorous blog or a blog expressing sad things going on in this world.

There are enough categories for everyone. One can choose which blogs to read and which ones to avoid, just when he/she chooses a book to buy in a bookstore. The major advantage of a blog over a book is that it’s free to read. Yeah, you can get a book for free if you will take it from a library or a friend, but sometimes it feels that you had that book in your personal library so that you could refer to it whenever you wanted. And blogs are there to your rescue!

With blogs, you can bookmark a particular post for further reading. You can just see around and read anything you like. You can subscribe to that blog via RSS and you will be notified whenever it has a new post. This is great because you can access it anywhere you want. Blogs are the ultimate things in certain terms.

Now let us look at books.


Books were the most widespread things a century ago. But they are not as popular today as they were then. They were most widely read. They were the source of information and entertainment. But with the introduction of blogs, there popularity has become quite less.

Young generation don’t really like to read books, they have their internet (with blogs) with them. They are quite used to reading stuff on the web. Books are seen as a “boring” thing, which only “boring” people read. This is just a perception.

Another major drawback of books is that they are not easily available. If you want to read a book which is around 50 or 70 years, may be you couldn’t, because it’s not getting printed anymore. But with blogs it’s never a problem. If you want to read a post on a particular blog, you can just scan through the archives, or type in a keyword or two in the search box and you can access it anywhere anytime. With books, I am pretty sure, you can’t do these things! 😉

But, blogs have one drawback – they are inaccessible if you don’t have an internet connection. This can be solved by saving your favorite post on the home computer, But only if you have an internet connection previously.

But what about those people who don’t have an internet connection at all? How will they take advantage of this valuable information that is flowing around the web? For them, books can be that valuable source of information. There is clearly no winner.

One may find books valuable, the other may find blogs valuable. It totally depends on you.

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The Top 5 Technology Websites/Blogs!

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So after I did a post on top 5 most inspiring blogs, here is my post on Top 5 Technology Websites/Blogs! It goes like this:

1. Digit Technology Magazine Website

This is the official website of India’s number one technology magazine Digit. They’ve got some cool articles, reviews, videos and don’t forget the forums! Check it out and you’ll just love it!

2. Mashable

Now I know that you all know this! But for those who don’t know who they are, they can visit them for some most exciting tech articles! THEY ARE THE BEST!

3. Ars Technica

This is like heavens for computer enthusiasts! It contains a wide range of tech reviews, game reviews and many many things more! So go check it out!!

4. Cnet

This one surely deserves to be in this list! Now there cannot be any one who uses internet and haven’t read/watched any of it’s videos! On this site you can also download softwares for you phone, Mac, Windows and Linux. All in one thing!

5. Crunch Gear

Crunch Gear is surely the best all-in-one site for all the gadget gurus out there! Here you get reviews on: phones, computers/laptops/netbooks, gaming, hardware, software and much much more!

Hope you liked this list! Will be back with another post as soon as possible!


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