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As many of my readers would have seen in my couple of previous posts that some of my fellow bloggers commented that I am way too mature of my age. Being mature is not a problem, but at this age, it fascinates them. I couldn’t clarify it via comments, so I decided to write a post on it. So let’s get started.

Now let’s see what being mature really means. In people’s minds, being mature is thinking slightly more on spiritual world. And that is kind of reflected in my posts. But what I think is based on the experiences I have had in my past. They are mixed up, delightful at some point, and completely sad at the other.

The sad and bad experiences made me learn some astonishing facts about me. But those weren’t learnings like, stay away from cockroaches or something like that which expect, but deeper than that. When I was 12 years old, that is when I was in the seventh grade, I came to a new school. At first, I had some friends and the experience was normal. But then, my friends changed, I became friends with some other guys. They were nice as well, or I thought that way. But what happened with them completely changed my view towards life.

The experience was of betrayal, and that too of a bad one. I would not bore you with the details, but we stopped talking after that. From that day I understood, that being negative attracts more negative. But this observation of mine needed more solid base.

Months passed, I was without any friends, and then I got my hands on a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It was kind of cool to know all that about the law of attraction, and my observation did make sense then. But, as would any of the beginner law of attraction “knowers” I couldn’t get what I wanted just by thinking about it. Then I realized that the book was merely a 0.01% of what you can do by just your thoughts, that’s why it wasn’t working.

Then began researching about it on the internet, and found many fascinating facts. And with that, I attracted many like-minded awesome people in my life like Ryan Biddulph and King Sidharth. They are awesome people to hang out with, and I love being with them always.

And what next? People, who were not in resonance with my type of thinking, slowly left my life. I did not realize that then, and I became very sad when I lost the first one, then the second, then the third, and so on. But then I came to know that my thinking style was slightly different from them. That made my outer layer more hard and rigid.

So whatever I experience in my life, I share it with you here on this blog. People who think I am way too mature of my age have different mindsets with completely different experiences. Hope this clears the doubts of those.

So what is your story, what are your experiences? Share them with me!

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This is a guest post by Karthikeyan Ganapathy. If you want to guest post on my blog, email me or contact me on twitter.

Somewhere near the fag-end of 2009, I heard about this amazing programme called the World School Forum. My friend Anjali, an amazing artist was selected as one of three students to go to Tokyo, Japan as the representatives from India. The World School Forum was initiated in 1997 by Masaki Matsudaira, the former Chairman and present advisor to the board of trustees of Kanto International School which is located in Tokyo, Japan. The aim of the World School is to create a truly borderless entity that will bring together high school students and teachers from all areas of the world, for helping students to adopt a global perspective, through accepting international standards. In this way it hopes to prepare the students of the World School to excel in international society, which it believes will gain prominence in the new millennium.

Since 1997 the World School has been inviting students from schools all over the world to visit them annually as representatives of their countries in an international forum which has received the moral support of the Ministries of Education and the Embassies of represented countries. One member school per country or region is chosen as a representative of the World School. Each year the member school sends three students and one teacher to a World School International Forum which is held during the last week of October to the beginning of November. Participants are only responsible to cover the costs of transportation from their home country to the World School host city. The remaining fees are covered by the host school.

Anjali, encouraged me to attempt the 2010 World School Forum selections. When I entered the selections, I did not seriously believe that I would make it to the top three. However, with the encouragement of my friends, I gave my all during the five days of selections, during which I was tested in various fields such as Debating, Presenting and Public speaking. I awaited for the results in a state of near nervous breakdown. I could scarcely believe my eyes when I discovered I had been placed first in the selections!

After this experience, I became a firm believer in Paulo Coelho’s famous saying “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Even now, I pinch myself sometimes to make sure that what happened is reality! I will be going to Seoul in October! Hurray!

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I am a teenager from Chennai and am passionate about learning about the great men who left an indelible mark on history. I’m also really into tech, cycling, books, business and food!

Hey dude! Take the First Step

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A few months back, I was teaching a friend of mine how to use the law of attraction in his life. At first he opposed that how is it possible to get whatever you can by simply giving your thoughts towards it. But after I gave him some examples of how people didn’t believe when Galileo said that the earth is round and also when Newton said that there’s a force that keeps us on the ground. People didn’t believe them, but now we call them Geniuses. Because they knew they were great, and ultimately they became. At this I remember a thought:

I am great. I said that before I knew I was.

~ Muhammad Ali, boxing champion.

And after I convinced him that he can change his life by using the law of attraction, he began using it. But, after some days he came to me and said that he wasn’t getting what he wanted. Then I checked all the things that he should be doing. He said okay, he’ll try now. Then again, after a week, he came to me and said that still he’s not getting anything. Then I rechecked all the points and asked him a simple question: “What do you think while studying?”. He answered, “I think that I know everything and I will get good grades.” Now I was a bit confused. So I asked him, “What do you do after thinking that?” He answered, “When I think that, I become tension free, and I go to have fun with my other friends or do stuff that I do on a holiday.” And I was like, “AHA! Gotcha!”

I said that, if you’ll not take the first step of what is needed for getting good grades, then how will you get it? He was now giving me strange look, and after some thinking he asked me, “You told that we can get anything without any effort putting in.” And yeah, it was true. But then I said that you have to take the first step. You can’t build a building without putting the foundation rock/brick. First you have to take appropriate steps.

Take the first step, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step in faith.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Then he said, “Then what is special about this law of attraction?” And I said, “First you have to start studying. The law of attraction is no less than magic, but it works only when you take the first step. And when you’ll start studying, it’ll no effort for you to study “hard” as all the teachers say.” He agreed and now he uses the law of attraction for a single sip of Pepsi too! 😀

So all you law of attraction users, hope this was a good reading experience for you all! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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