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Start Doing It

So you are sleeping in your comfortable bed at night, and suddenly you wake up at 2 AM with that brilliant idea. You say, “This is just what I needed!”. And then what? You first start thinking about it, how it will grow into a major brand, you will be famous and all that stuff. Then you update your status at 2.30 AM –

Just got an awesome business idea, folks! Would start working on it from this instant! 😀

And then, you tweet about it –

Just got an awesome business idea, tweeps! Anyone interested in working with me, please tweet me! 🙂

Then suddenly, all your passion about it is gone. You no longer feel passionate about it. You start finding loopholes in your “awesome business idea”. Then you just dump the whole idea. And then, your friend asks you – “Hey dude, what happened to your business idea? Still working on it?”. And you just stare at them with an awful emotion. Then you start blaming yourself why did you tell others about it when you hadn’t started anything. Why didn’t you approach some young minded people first?

That’s the whole thing.

Start it up

So what do you do in that case. The first thing would be to not tell anyone about it. Just start working on it quietly. Approach some (not many) like-minded people who may want to work and help you with this.

Make things work.

And when you think you are having a good time doing things, and may be earning a good bunch of money, tell the whole world about it (WARNING: They may already get to know about it, because you will be famous).

And then you will hear words of appreciation, such as this – “Dude! When did you start this? Awesome!” or like this – “Man! This thing of yours is f*cking awesome! Can I work with you? Please?!” and many more things.

Then you will know that you had done something awesome.

Don’t Care ’bout Others

Don’t care about people who think that this guy can’t do anything brilliant (mostly teachers, whom you firmly believe in. In some cases, family members). Just say in your mind STFU to them. And keep smiling.

When you will be successful, they will come to you automatically, appreciating what you did.

Keep going, even if you fail. You may fail 99 times, but the thing is, you should stand up the 100th time.

What makes you do that? The love and passion for what you are building.

Don’t Care ’bout The Hurdles

Don’t care about the hurdles before even trying once. Problems will arise, no matter what. But you have to keep going through tough times. That’s how an entrepreneur works. He solves problems, finds his way round problems.

Just forget about “What if…”. These what ifs will keep you from doing things that you want to do. Just don’t give a damn anything to these kinds of questions.

It’s a Journey

Achieving success is a journey. Once you achieve one goal, you should start working on the second one, then the third one, and so on.

Never stop.

If you are passionate enough a goal, you will achieve it. There will be another goal you are so passionate about, and then you will start working on it, and eventually you will achieve it too. That’s how entrepreneurs work. They are passionate.


  1. Get the idea (don’t force it to come).
  2. Start working on it.
  3. Keep it quiet.
  4. Network with like-minded people.
  5. F*ck others who don’t believe in you, you should believe in yourself. That’s important.
  6. Solve problems smartly, don’t sit with them.
  7. Keep going on the journey.
  8. It should be fun.

Photo credits: Starting line by Jon_Marshall, on Flickr.


    How many times have you failed a subject? Once, twice or never? Of course, many of you who haven’t failed a subject would be thinking that it’s so bad to fail a subject – Bad feelings, insult, loosing friends, bad looks etc.

    But is it really that bad?

    I just gave my Mathematics exam yesterday, and I’m sure that I’m gonna fail. Almost 1/4th of the class is going to fail. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking about it (and other stuff), and felt really, really bad.

    I had failed in mathematics once when I was 7th grade, but that was worse than the feeling that I’m feeling now.

    Anyways, but how bad can it get? I would feel bad, I would study more, enthusiastically, and then score well (or may be excellent).

    So what I’ve learnt from this mistake of mine? I’m improving on it. Sure, I will get bad looks, some bad words from the teacher, some from friends, and some from my mother (maybe).

    But, if you see at the end of the day, I’m improving. That’s what mistakes teach you – To learn from them and not (instead of never) commit them again. You CAN commit the same mistake again and again, it’s okay to do that (contradictory to what many people will tell you). The thing is, you should follow your heart.

    I’m already feeling like studying mathematics, not from the fear of failing again, but because I really feel like. Yea, maybe because of fear, but do I really care? I’m feeling to do that, and I will do that. No one can stop me from doing that except me myself.

    So, committing mistakes is good, but actually awesome, as it improves us. Fools at schools and colleges (who unfortunately call themselves experts) will tell you that it’s pathetic to fail. But really, believe me, it’s awesome.

    Share your comments below on how you committed mistakes and what you learnt from them. Remember, life is supposed to be fun (by Abraham Hicks) and there’s no fun if you don’t fail a couple of times. That’s life.

    Those who don’t fail will always fear them; those who fail will love them eventually, because they will know that it’s awesome!

    Photo credits: Study by DAEllis, on Flickr.

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