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Engineering? It’s too common!

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Those days are gone when doing engineering was seen as something great. In today’s world there are innumerable fields to choose from, like arts, commerce, bio-tech, etc. Parents would rejoice that their children are engineers – they will earn big chunks of money. And they really did, but this is not true in today’s world. It’s not even possible. But most of the parents fail to realize this thing.

They think that their children will earn the same amounts as the engineers of that time did. I just feel sick of them. Even if their children want to do something else, they would force their children to do engineering. Seriously, I feel like abusing these parents, slapping them in front of the crowd. And on asking they reply “We want them to have better lives.” Oh really? I think the opposite. They want their children to do engineering so that their lives should get better.

Obviously, these parents are those who belong to middle class (I don’t believe in classes, but there wasn’t any other good term). Okay, agreed that they want better lifestyles, but I want to ask one question – Do you think your children are machines? Or that computer that will work when you will type a certain program into it? This is, seriously pathetic.

And children don’t have any other option – They have to obey what their parents are saying or just get out of the house and have no communication with them for years. And they usually choose the earlier one. You won’t believe, in my neighborhood there are a parent who have 4 children. Out of the four, 3 are engineers! One has done engineering, another one’s just gonna finish, and the third one has started (and failing in every subject). This is India, these are Indian parents and these are Indian children.

You won’t see this problem in well off households (or so-called upper classes). They give their children the freedom to do anything. They want their children to be whatever they want. If he/she wants to become an engineer, or doctor, or journalist or whatever, they will not force their children to do what they want.

And if you ask me, doing engineering will not give you huge chunks of money in today’s world as it did around 50 years ago. My sister is one of those who wanted to do engineering, and she did. And only in her college, there may be around 10,000 engineers! And, imagine the number of colleges only in Mumbai, may be around 500 colleges alone. Now calculate the number of students, I tell you 50, 00, 000 (5 million) engineers. Now in the whole country, you can’t even imagine.

Now some parents will say, “There are IITs* and NITs**” Well, they are overflowing with students as well. There are around 10 or 11 IITs in India. And all of them don’t really get good jobs. I know IITians who are working under my father for only a small amount of salary. And if IITians have such a good jobs (sarcasm), then for NITs, you can imagine yourself.

For example take my classmates: at least 85% of them have joined IIT coaching classes. Half of them can’t even solve a simple problem of math. And they say they will become engineers! I just can’t stop laughing at this! They just don’t know that they are playing with their lives. They are at risk of not becoming successful with their careers. They just don’t understand.

And these coaching classes begin right after one has given his/her tenth grade examinations, after that they have roughly around 3 months of holidays, before their results are announced. Guys, at least enjoy these holidays? Please? They are not enjoying their holidays, and they tell me that I would have joined an IIT class and not waste my time “enjoying”. They say, “There is your whole life for enjoying.” And I say, “Oh really? Then you don’t know the meaning of life. Life means, enjoying every moment fully and completely. Go f*** your life.” And these are the people who write in their Facebook bios this “I enjoy each and every moment of my life.” Double f*** yourself guys, you are just wasting your life, your energy and the best relationships you have for money, and that too you will not get.

Engineering is now not even common, but it’s OVERFLOWING with engineers. I can give you in writing that those people, who are doing engineering now or will do in next couple of years, will be unemployed. Only a few who are really, really passionate about it can do it, others are just jokers. Those who think they can do it, and are doing it successfully, make fun of those who can’t. But they don’t understand this simple thing that the people they are making fun of may have become more successful if they would have taken another field like arts or commerce.

Let me tell you about one of my friend. He is one of those guys who wants to do engineering as well as enjoy life. He will come at my place or just to hang out when I’ll call him. But, but, but, there is a villain in the story – his dad (and mom). In my opinion (based on the narrations of my friend of who’s dad he is), he is a complete jerk. He even abuses his own son, calls him rascal. Sheesh! I can’t even spit on these kinds of parents, they are so SICK!

Now, I want to know from you, do you agree with me? Or do you think that parents are not doing right with their own children? I think that they should be buried alive.

* Indian Institute of Technology

** National Institute of Technology

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Why I want to Study in USA?

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It was a summer afternoon last year, when I told my mother that I want to study in the US. “But what about your IIT dream?” I couldn’t answer that question. But my mom agreed on that. But that question is still in my mind. Why US? Well, I can do my undergraduate from India as well, and then I can go there for my majors. But still, I don’t want to do minors in India.

After thinking on it from last year, I finally got my answer. Well, you can’t say it’s an answer, actually it’s a list of reasons. Every time I think of this list, my self-confidence boosts up. This is the list of reasons.

The first, and the obvious one is, US has one of the best education system in the world. I haven’t seen any other system like this anywhere in the world. This really fascinates me, and boosts up my confidence. They have better usage of technology, unlike Indian universities, who still use paper and pen. My sister studies in one of them, called The University of Mumbai. It’s one of the best universities in India, but still it’s ancient in front of those American ones. Still, she wastes tons of sheets writing material, that ultimately goes to the garbage.

The second reason why I want to study in US is I will have an experience of a life time. You see, I have never been apart from my family and friends for such a long time. Doing everything by yourself, in a foreign land. It provides confidence, it gives you a glimpse into the life which is waiting for you outside the college campus. It teaches you how you can tackle problems. It’s the best experience one can have.

The third and a bit hilarious reason is, I like burgers very much! You can’t even think, how much I like burgers! Now you will ask, why I want to go to US for burgers if they are available here in India as well. Well, my answer will be: Some questions don’t have any answers. The reasons only makes sense to the person who creates them. Hope you understood. There would have been a situation in your life where you gave your friends/family/parents a reason and they couldn’t really make sense out of it. It only makes sense to you. So, it’s your life, your reasons, and to put the cherry on the cake, they make sense to YOU!

The fourth reason is my hunger of knowing people from diverse cultures. And what better place than US? Great economy, great education system, great facilities. Everything! Awesome to be there! Making friends from different countries, it just makes me gear up for it!

Well, yeah, that’s it. These are the reasons why I want to go to the US. If you have any questions to ask, just pour them in via comments. Hope you liked my post. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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A Letter to the Prime Minister

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Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister


Subject: My views on The Women’s Reservation Bill.

Dear sir

As you know, the constitution of India gives to its every citizen the right to speech. So, I am free to express my views on any of the decisions that you and your government takes. First of all, congratulations to you that after so many years Congress has taken the initiative to bring the long pending Women’s Reservation Amendment in our constitution.

But as you know, opinions differ. You may find it very good for the women, but many of the citizens doesn’t. India is a diverse country, and before taking such a step you should ask the people who elected you before taking such a big initiative. Surely, it may be a great step for you and your government but not for the good of the country.

Like, if you have reservations for women, there is a possibility that illiterate (as said by one of the MPs) women will get seats instead of better candidates. And as it is clear that this will not at all be beneficial for our country. Also one of the MPs in favor with the decision said that it will give chances to less educated women to come in front and lead the country. So, you want illiterate people to lead the country? Great.

Also, our constitution clearly says that India is a country with equality for all. And by reserving seats are you not defying this right? As a Prime Minister of such a diverse and culturally rich country, this is very disappointing. And, at the same time, this is against the law. No one can defy any citizen of their fundamental rights.

Another thing which is very sad is that the women of our country say that they are equal with men and in some places ahead of them. So if they are equal or even ahead, so why do they want such a reservation of seats? This is also very disappointing. Actually, it’s a shame for the feminists, who fight for equal rights not reserved right. Why are they mum?

At the end, I only want to say is to please reconsider your decision about this Women’s Reservation Bill. Thanks for listening to The Citizen.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Manav Dhiman

Student, Active Citizen

Photo credits: indian_women by WildlifeProPhotos, on Flickr

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