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The Top 5 Technology Websites/Blogs!

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So after I did a post on top 5 most inspiring blogs, here is my post on Top 5 Technology Websites/Blogs! It goes like this:

1. Digit Technology Magazine Website

This is the official website of India’s number one technology magazine Digit. They’ve got some cool articles, reviews, videos and don’t forget the forums! Check it out and you’ll just love it!


2. Mashable

Now I know that you all know this! But for those who don’t know who they are, they can visit them for some most exciting tech articles! THEY ARE THE BEST!


3. Ars Technica

This is like heavens for computer enthusiasts! It contains a wide range of tech reviews, game reviews and many many things more! So go check it out!!


4. Cnet

This one surely deserves to be in this list! Now there cannot be any one who uses internet and haven’t read/watched any of it’s videos! On this site you can also download softwares for you phone, Mac, Windows and Linux. All in one thing!


5. Crunch Gear

Crunch Gear is surely the best all-in-one site for all the gadget gurus out there! Here you get reviews on: phones, computers/laptops/netbooks, gaming, hardware, software and much much more!


Hope you liked this list! Will be back with another post as soon as possible!


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5 Most Inspiring Blogs

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Gone are the days when people used to write for newspapers, magazines, etc. But now it’s 21st century dude! Now we have the internet. So what we can do for it? We will write a blog! Now after so many years, there are millions of blogs out there – some are active, some are sometimes active and some are completely dead. So how you’ll decide which blog to follow and which one to not? So to help you out in this thing I made a list of top 5 blogs to follow on the internet! Honest.

1. Meditation Rocks!

This blog is dedicated to meditation. There are many other blogs like these, so what makes this special? It doesn’t concentrate on old boring methods of meditation but on modern and fun methods! And this makes it inspiring and at the same time fun! You should check this out man!


2. The FRiEnDz weBlog

Have you heard of the FRiEnDz magazine? Now they have their own blog! It’s kind of not active these days, but will surely be active in some time! It’s all about teens and you can write in too! That’s inspiring, b’cause you get inspired by your own work!!


3. What Do You Call This?

If you like some informal writing that creates a sense of touch and at the same time some fun then this is your destination! Whenever I read any post on this blog, I have a smile! It can make you feel good, really! I like this blog very much!!


4. Let’s Be Optimistic!!!

This is a self-inspired one! 😛 But this means a  lot to me. Whenever I read my previous posts, I just love them. But don’t take it as a negative point, but I get inspired by it. It has also not got some new posts but some are on their way! Hope you’ll follow it!!


5. Paulo Coelho’s Blog

Have you read his books? If you’ve read them you definitely know this person’s skill and if not go read them now! This person has a great fan-following. Like his books, his blog is equally inspiring. So go and read all it’s posts!!


Hope you liked this list. If you wanna add your list or some blogs to this list, then use the comments. And do comment!!


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