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Happy Birthday Manav and the World!

Yeah, you guessed it correct! It’s my blog’s 1st birthday today! It’s so awesome (I mean the feeling!).

Didn’t even notice where this 1 year went! The journey was awesome. It was my first time with blogging, and I learnt a lot. I’ve improved a lot through this blog. It is now more than a blog – it’s a family member for me – with whom I can share anything I want.

My opinions on various political and social matters have come to public for the first time with Manav and the World. Wow! When I look at the journey, it astonishes me!

The Idea and the Journey

The idea of blogging was in my mind from a long time before this blog came to existence. I started my first personal blog on blogger, but hated it user interface. Then, I created another blog on optimism (which is dead now), and then this. WordPress is truly the best CMS in town.

I started out with WordPress.com for the main reason that it was free because I was just experimenting with blogging at that time. But fell in love with it through this 1 year.

Through this 1 year (darn! I’m using this line a lot. But hey, I’m excited!) I’ve experienced quite a lot. There were many bad moments, there were many great moments. It was a bitter and sweet journey, and I loved it! Truly loved it!

The Experience

The experiences that I got through this blog were awesome as well. Through this blog, I attended my first bloggers’ meet and met some fellow young bloggers. And the second bloggers’ meet with more than 250 guests!

With this blog, I made some cool lifelong friends. And they have quite a big hand in making this blog what it is now.

The Numbers

Traffic for my blog, in the initial days, was not quite good. But it started improving slowly. Now, at the end of 1 year I’ve got a total of more than 5000 unique visitors (quite good for a personal blog of an ordinary teen!). And average monthly visitors are around 500.

And it’s increasing day by day, thanks to you guys!

The BIG Announcement

Okay, so many of my friends may be hearing from me that there will be a surprise on my blog’s first anniversary. I was also very excited about this! So here it is guys, Manav and the World now has its own private address –


It’s a big thing for me. When the birthday of my blog started approaching I got this idea while talking to my mother about it. And she immediately agreed at this! Without her, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you mom!

Thank You Guys

Without you guys this wouldn’t have been possible for me! With your constant views on my posts via comments and honest criticism this blog is where it is now. So, a big thank you to all of you!

But there are some people I would like to thank for their help in everything to improve this blog and my attitude. They are –

  1. King Sidharth – Inspiration behind ManavDhiman.com. This guy is super awesome! A teen entrepreneur and the most awesome person I’ve met in my life. He helped me whenever I asked him to. Thanks a ton man!
  2. Ambariish – With his constant criticism and views on my posts has helped me improve my writing a lot. Whatever he wrote had a great impact on me. Dude, you don’t know how much you have helped me to improve this blog, thanks!
  3. Parth J Dave – His honest criticism and views on this blog via any medium possible was valuable for me. You are awesome buddy!

This Blog…?

Okay with ManavDhiman.com I would not be writing any further posts on this blog. Would miss this blog a lot! This blog has taught me what blogging really was. But we have to move on in life.

But don’t worry guys, would write some occasional posts here as well. I would not let this one die!

What the Heck are you waiting for?

What? Go now – ManavDhiman.com Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!! See you at the other end!

PS: If you have any questions about anything, or you just want to say ‘hi’ you can email me on manav[at]manavdhiman[dot]com! Yeah, I am showing off my new email. 😉

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Formal Education Will Make You a Living and Nothing More

Formal education can make you a living; self-education can make you a fortune.

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I will kill myself if you’ll say that you haven’t heard of this quote (unless you are from Mars, that is). But tell me seriously, how many of you really stick to this? None, I know.

People are aware of this very well, it doesn’t even need any explanation, but still it is ignored. We still choose the career based on our studies. You would say “So? Everyone does that, that’s how it has been.” What? “It has been”? Please, at least a valid explanation?

Yes, each and every one does that – If I am good at science, I will be an engineer or a doctor. But why not a graphic designer? If I am good at accounting and business I will take commerce and be an accountant or something like that. But why not a programmer? And if I am good at arts, well everyone knows what parents say.

Here, people don’t want to take “risk”. Risk? Why? Afraid of failures that can make you strong? And yes, I would like to talk about this failure shit more. Right from when we go to our school, we are taught that we should get good grades, and not get failed in any subject. Fair enough. But this teaching goes far more beyond those teachers and parents think. Slowly and slowly, children become afraid of getting failed in whatever they do and those teachers too (that’s why they are teaching, duh!).

Schools are jails that have been glorified in the name of education. Seriously, you are taught to never break discipline, never ever do anything that is “in-disciplined”, never ever getting out of the math and science (read: junk) to think something more creative like dance or music. I agree dance and music have been included in many schools, but is it taught everyday like science or math? Think about it.

Those people who are making a fortune (read: billionaires) are not doing what they learnt in school. Seriously, do you know a scientist who is a billionaire and enjoys holidays at Bahamas? Or take an ordinary man, who goes at work in the morning and comes at night without anything to be proud of? Isn’t a bad lifestyle you would say, but you all will still do that!

Change is what is needed. Change in education as well as a drastic change in this crappy mindset of people.

Here as an awesome way of telling the same from my friend King Sidharth on his new blog – Education Killed 956 Entrepreneurs.

Please, and I mean PLEASE share your views via comments, I would love to read them!

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As many of my readers would have seen in my couple of previous posts that some of my fellow bloggers commented that I am way too mature of my age. Being mature is not a problem, but at this age, it fascinates them. I couldn’t clarify it via comments, so I decided to write a post on it. So let’s get started.

Now let’s see what being mature really means. In people’s minds, being mature is thinking slightly more on spiritual world. And that is kind of reflected in my posts. But what I think is based on the experiences I have had in my past. They are mixed up, delightful at some point, and completely sad at the other.

The sad and bad experiences made me learn some astonishing facts about me. But those weren’t learnings like, stay away from cockroaches or something like that which expect, but deeper than that. When I was 12 years old, that is when I was in the seventh grade, I came to a new school. At first, I had some friends and the experience was normal. But then, my friends changed, I became friends with some other guys. They were nice as well, or I thought that way. But what happened with them completely changed my view towards life.

The experience was of betrayal, and that too of a bad one. I would not bore you with the details, but we stopped talking after that. From that day I understood, that being negative attracts more negative. But this observation of mine needed more solid base.

Months passed, I was without any friends, and then I got my hands on a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It was kind of cool to know all that about the law of attraction, and my observation did make sense then. But, as would any of the beginner law of attraction “knowers” I couldn’t get what I wanted just by thinking about it. Then I realized that the book was merely a 0.01% of what you can do by just your thoughts, that’s why it wasn’t working.

Then began researching about it on the internet, and found many fascinating facts. And with that, I attracted many like-minded awesome people in my life like Ryan Biddulph and King Sidharth. They are awesome people to hang out with, and I love being with them always.

And what next? People, who were not in resonance with my type of thinking, slowly left my life. I did not realize that then, and I became very sad when I lost the first one, then the second, then the third, and so on. But then I came to know that my thinking style was slightly different from them. That made my outer layer more hard and rigid.

So whatever I experience in my life, I share it with you here on this blog. People who think I am way too mature of my age have different mindsets with completely different experiences. Hope this clears the doubts of those.

So what is your story, what are your experiences? Share them with me!

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