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Hey everybody, I told you that I will be coming soon with a next post, so here I am! This post is about the FRiEnDz online magazine for teenagers. As I am the Copy Editor, I want all you readers to know about it and to download all its editions!

Who’s the Leader?

It is a venture owned by King Sidharth, a teen entrepreneur, blogger and soon to be author.

What is in this Mag?

This magazine is for TEENS, by TEENS and all about TEENS! So all you teenager sitting there, facebooking, wanna know more about the world and your capabilities, please download this mag. This is my humble request to you all. It’s design is awesome, it’s people are awesome as well!!

How I Came Across?

I came across this magazine/venture just some months ago. When I read the then latest edition, I was just blown away! Then I checked out all of its previous editions and they were also amazing!!

This magazine will give every teen what s/he wants! So go download the latest edition: The FRiEnDz.

But if it’s about teens, that doesn’t mean elders cannot read that… It is for all of you!

Thanx for reading!