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How many times have you failed a subject? Once, twice or never? Of course, many of you who haven’t failed a subject would be thinking that it’s so bad to fail a subject – Bad feelings, insult, loosing friends, bad looks etc.

But is it really that bad?

I just gave my Mathematics exam yesterday, and I’m sure that I’m gonna fail. Almost 1/4th of the class is going to fail. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking about it (and other stuff), and felt really, really bad.

I had failed in mathematics once when I was 7th grade, but that was worse than the feeling that I’m feeling now.

Anyways, but how bad can it get? I would feel bad, I would study more, enthusiastically, and then score well (or may be excellent).

So what I’ve learnt from this mistake of mine? I’m improving on it. Sure, I will get bad looks, some bad words from the teacher, some from friends, and some from my mother (maybe).

But, if you see at the end of the day, I’m improving. That’s what mistakes teach you – To learn from them and not (instead of never) commit them again. You CAN commit the same mistake again and again, it’s okay to do that (contradictory to what many people will tell you). The thing is, you should follow your heart.

I’m already feeling like studying mathematics, not from the fear of failing again, but because I really feel like. Yea, maybe because of fear, but do I really care? I’m feeling to do that, and I will do that. No one can stop me from doing that except me myself.

So, committing mistakes is good, but actually awesome, as it improves us. Fools at schools and colleges (who unfortunately call themselves experts) will tell you that it’s pathetic to fail. But really, believe me, it’s awesome.

Share your comments below on how you committed mistakes and what you learnt from them. Remember, life is supposed to be fun (by Abraham Hicks) and there’s no fun if you don’t fail a couple of times. That’s life.

Those who don’t fail will always fear them; those who fail will love them eventually, because they will know that it’s awesome!

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Life should have a rewind button

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Hey everyone! Today we had our farewell. And we are leaving our school forever. But not me because we have our 11th and 12th in the same school, but the thing is same teachers will not teach us. Hmmmm… It’s so weird… 😦

My heart is filled with tears, sorrow and every bad feeling that you have when you leave your school. Man, this is so so so so so so so bad. My favorite teacher, i.e., our class teacher will not teach us any further. That is the most bad thing that dawned on me today. This feeling is really really bad.

But, at the same time there is a hope for future. But the dominating thought at this point of time is leaving our school. All the good memories – bitter and sour – I will never forget. Making fun, joking, and laughing. being in trouble with friends was awesome, and without them was not at all awesome, but I will cherish them all.

If I had known this before, I would have had made every moment king size with my class teacher, friends, so-called enemies and everything. Dude, it’s so hard! 😥

But, I will remain in school and will talk to my class teacher for at least 10 minutes everyday. That’s a promise. And will share everything with her. Love you ma’am! Really, really love you! You’re the best! 😀

Really, she is the best teacher in the world!

But, in this unstoppable flow of emotions, there are some people who don’t have any emotions. To them, you have become the slave of nothing. Nothing! You’re living a life of a no one. And you will regret this afterwards. I pity on you guys. Really.

Whatever. The real school life ended today. Now the next two years will be composed of just studying. And I’ll be flying to US. And everyone else will be busy preparing for the damn, blood-sucking IIT. But they don’t realize that for an overflowing bank balance and cars, they’re missing the best part of their life. To them: GO TO HELL!

Thanks for reading!

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Let’s Uncomplicate!

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Have you heard people defining new definitions which can be explained only in one word? Or, have you seen people stretching a 1 mark question to that extent at which it appears like a 6 mark question? These are the people who make the world complicated. They tend subdue people who know less than them. They force their wishes on them. And the result? They mess up the whole thing – their relationships, life and all the good things.

And this is the people who don’t just ruin their own life but also of those who are with them. And to all who are the “complicators” – PLEASE UNCOMPLICATE THINGS!

Things are already very complicated in this world. For example, the rumor of the world ending in 2012. I would like to talk about it a bit. Now, if Mayans didn’t know (or felt bored :P) the numbers after 2012 then does that mean the world will end in 2012? Or, according to Hindu beliefs if there is no other Yug then does that also mean the world will end? In my opinion this is all rubbish. We should always keep in mind that they didn’t have any technology that we have today, they didn’t have that much of knowledge that we have today. They just assumed that, because they knew they themselves would not remain to see what happens.

And you know what? I laugh at them! They are really insane!

So, to all who are reading this, I ask you to don’t complicate the things. Let them remain as they are, or why not uncomplicate the things that are complicated?

Thanks for reading!


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