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Summer holidays and a bright day, I woke up and snatched the newspaper from my dad and quickly went through it…Then as I was making my way through the pages, I got my eyes on a very interesting page – THE TIMES of Ideas – It has some of the most inspiring articles you could have ever read. And today it was no exception!

What really caught my eyes was an article written by Aneesh A: “Aiming to the top – Why work hard to get famous when there’s a better way” and right next to it was another – “Wheel of Existence” a talk by Osho. I read both the articles and felt the writers were trying to make the same point in their own ways.

“Aiming to the top – Why work hard to get famous when there’s a better way” was much like my own thoughts. Why to become famous after 5 or more years by inventing or doing something great when you can just become a record holder and get into Guinnes book world of records! It’s much better and faster way too! After reading this article, my mind was filled with thoughts (not to become a record holder, haha!) from which I was always worried about.

Then came the “Wheel of existence” (can never understand how writers get such good titles!). It has been 25 years from now and no one could ever find theories and inventions found by many greatest scientists in the past.

For an hour I was staring at the paper, reading the articles again and again. I quite didn’t understand what they were trying to tell at the first, but as I read through it became crystal clear to me! It was us! What they were trying to tell was clear. They had done their work! It was more like a puzzle for us to solve. Do things which you love to do than to do things which you rather hate to do, because only the things which you love to do will bring you happiness and success.

It must have taken a second to solve the puzzle, but reading the articles was more inspiring – I was not made to be an engineer or doctor, I was made for something else, something much different from what I was expecting. I had got my ambition all wrong. These articles not only inspired me but also let me realize my own aims and goals!

Maybe it would have taken 5 minutes to read the articles, but what those conveyed to me was much more than that! So here I’m with new thoughts…. Thoughts which have inspired me!


Sriguru Aithal is a teen living in India. he likes sports like football and cricket. He enjoys watching TV, surfing the internet and social networking.

Photo credits: just reading by phogel, on Flickr.