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The Top 5 Technology Websites/Blogs!

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So after I did a post on top 5 most inspiring blogs, here is my post on Top 5 Technology Websites/Blogs! It goes like this:

1. Digit Technology Magazine Website

This is the official website of India’s number one technology magazine Digit. They’ve got some cool articles, reviews, videos and don’t forget the forums! Check it out and you’ll just love it!


2. Mashable

Now I know that you all know this! But for those who don’t know who they are, they can visit them for some most exciting tech articles! THEY ARE THE BEST!


3. Ars Technica

This is like heavens for computer enthusiasts! It contains a wide range of tech reviews, game reviews and many many things more! So go check it out!!


4. Cnet

This one surely deserves to be in this list! Now there cannot be any one who uses internet and haven’t read/watched any of it’s videos! On this site you can also download softwares for you phone, Mac, Windows and Linux. All in one thing!


5. Crunch Gear

Crunch Gear is surely the best all-in-one site for all the gadget gurus out there! Here you get reviews on: phones, computers/laptops/netbooks, gaming, hardware, software and much much more!


Hope you liked this list! Will be back with another post as soon as possible!


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Hey everybody!

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